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    Shannon Summers and Adrienne Kraig are Certified Health Transformation Mastery Coaches, Co-hosts of the podcast 2 Girls and Plants, and Internationally Published Keynote Speakers. Shannon and Adrienne met while working on their Transformational and Mastery Coaching Certifications at Health Coach Institute. Their friendship blossomed through learning, growing and a shared passion of helping others. Their focus is on nourishing oneself inside and out. The podcast is a casual, fun opportunity to talk all things health, Whole Foods Plant Based, and making nourishing lifestyle changes important for everyone’s bio-individuality. The two Coaches enjoy inspiring others, sharing their stories, and having guest speakers join them. All while helping to educate others.

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    Adrienne Kraig

    Certified Health Transformation Mastery Coach

    Adrienne Kraig is a Certified Health Transformation Mastery Coach and founder of LifeCanyon Ltd. She focuses on a Holistic approach to achieving a healthy body and confidence, through courage and accountability. She provides support with overcoming Emotional Eating, Self-Sabotage, and the lifestyle changes needed to create the healthful life her clients’ desire. Adrienne’s personal journey with weight loss and emotional eating has inspired her passion for helping women become the best version of themselves when it comes to their health and making their journey easier. She is also the author of her own Blog, The Healthy Life Journal. Adrienne helps women carve out the healthy life they deserve! Schedule Your Free 1- hour Healthy Body Breakthrough Discovery Session today!

    Shannon Summers

    Certified Health Transformation Mastery Coach

    Shannon Summers is a Certified Health, Transformational, and Lifestyle Mastery Coach with a passion for Whole Foods Plant Based living and a Holistic approach to one’s health and lifestyle. Her private coaching practice, Shannon Summers Coaching, focuses on helping clients who desire a transition to a Whole Foods Plant Based way of eating, make that transition successfully. She is deeply passionate about the power and effects it can have on one’s health. Shannon’s journey with Autoimmune has been the inspiration behind her coaching practice. She loves seeing how a WFPB lifestyle can make the difference when it comes to the quality of life her clients lead. Shannon Summers is also a Blogger and loves sharing all things Autoimmune, Longevity, Food, and Life on her Blog, Plantiful Summers.

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